(Semper) docendo (nihil) disco!

Teaching @ Birkbeck

MSc Bioinformatics:

  • Sequence Analysis and Genomics
  • Introduction to Chemoinformatics (Structural Bioinformatics module)
  • Omics (genomics; RNA-seq etc)
  • Selected python tutorials for Biocomputing

MSc Microbiology:

  • Introduction to Bioinformatics (Molecular Microbiology module)

BSc Biomedicine:

  • Bioinformatics lecture + tutorials (SLRP module)

Principles and Practice in Structural Biology:

  • Introduction to the principles and analysis of Next-Generation Sequencing

Past teaching

  • Introduction to transcriptomics and the analysis of RNA-seq data (5-day course, University of Perugia)
  • Introduction to object-oriented programming in Java (Birkbeck MSc Bioinformatics with Systems Biology; 2010-2012)
  • Introduction to Bioinformatics (Birkbeck MSc Health and Disease (2009-2015)
  • Bioinformatics lectures (BLAST) to Biomedical School undergraduates, King's College London (2006)
  • Biochemistry tutorials to first year undergraduates, King's College London (2006/2007)
  • Introduction to Chemoinformatics for the MSc course in Bioinformatics, University of Sussex (2005)
  • Introduction to Metabolomics for the MSc course in Bioinformatics, University of Sussex (2005)
  • Short course in Bioinformatics, International School of Crystallography, 33rd course, Sicily (2002)