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News/announcements in reverse chronological order:

09/06/2014: The autism group is growing for the summer: Viktoria Kalna (UCL undergraduate) has joined us as an intern for 8 weeks.

06/05/2014: Welcome to Peter Cooke who has joined as a summer intern - he will be working with us on our autism project.

22/03/2014: Welcome to Rob Collins (MRes Bioinformatics, 2013-2015) and Joanne Humphries (MSc Bioinformatics 2013-2014) who have joined the group to work on their Masters projects.

16/01/2014: A warm welcome to Inbar Levi and Yolanda Dopico (MRes Bioinformatics 2013-2014) who are joining us to work on a collaborative project with Dr David Prieto-Marino (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine).

13/12/2013: NEW! Bloomsbury PhD studentship (for Autumn 2014 start): The Molecular Determinants For Fatty Acid Metabolism By Eicosanoid Metabolising CYP450 Enzymes. For more information see the Bloomsbury Colleges website.

29/11/2013: Kavin Abelak (MRes Bioinformatics 2013-2014) is joining us to work on RNA regulatory elements in Mtb. This is a collaborative project with Dr Tine Arnvig from UCL.

06/09/2013: We welcome Dardan Uka (UCL final year undergraduate) who will be carrying out his literature review in our group on "The curious case of alanine racemase in C. trachomatis ".

06/09/2013: Florence Thomas (Wellcome Trust PhD student) will be joining the group for her 3-year PhD. Her work aims to understand better moonlighting proteins and is a collaboration with Professor Brian Henderson (UCL) and Dr Andrew Martin (UCL).

12/05/2013: Florence Thomas (first year Wellcome Trust PhD student) has joined us to work on identifying potential leads for inhibiting the polymerisation of mutant alpha-1-antitrypsin. This work is in collaboration with Dr Bibek Gooptu.

26/03/2013: A warm welcome to three Masters students who will be joining us for their projects: Bojan Cvijan (part-time, 2013/2014), Sam Coulson (full-time, 2013), and Joe Southan (full-time, 2013).

11/01/2013: We welcome Krzysztof Szkop who has just joined the group for a part-time PhD in the area of regulatory RNA and cancer.

28/06/2012: Congratulations to Jan for having his first year PhD rotation project accepted for publication in BMC Bioinformatics.

06/05/2012: We are delighted to be part of a 2-year research project led by Dr Bibek Gooptu that was recently awarded funding by the Alpha-1 Foundation. Our role will be to apply computational methods to aid drug discovery in alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency.

11/04/2012: Congratulations to Anathe for turning her computational PhD rotation project into a paper that will appear soon in PLoS ONE : Patschull, Gooptu, Ashford, Daviter & Nobeli (2012). In Silico Assessment of Potential Druggable Pockets on the Surface of α1-Antitrypsin Conformers.

11/04/2012: We welcome Benjy and Katie who will be joining the group to carry out their third PhD rotation projects from May till August 2012.

26/03/2012: A warm welcome to Andrejus and Manojit who will be carrying out their MSc projects in our group.

13/03/2012: Congratulations to Ash! His Provar method will appear soon in BMC Bioinformatics.

07/03/2012: Welcome to Jasper and Michele who recently joined the group to carry out internship projects for 6 and 4 months respectively.

03/11/2011: Paul Ashford delivered a talk on his PhD work at the UK-QSAR Autumn 2011 meeting in Cambridge.

03/10/2011: SERAPhiC , a high quality protein-fragment data set is now available in a ready to dock format through IIT.

08/07/2011: Congratulations to Jan Czarnecki for winning first prize for his presentation at the ISMB 2011 Graduate Symposium!

04/07 to 09/07/2011: I am participating in the SYNTHESIS workshop organised by UCL, The Arts Catalyst, Symbiotica and Synthetic Aesthetics - see the workshop blog for more information

June 2011: Funding for PhD position at the School of Biological Sciences The School of Biological Sciences is recruiting a part-time teaching assistant/ part-time PhD student in any of the research areas within the School. Check out this link: Vacancy search .

May 2011: Krzysztof Szkop has secured an undergraduate research bursary from the Nuffield Foundation to carry out a summer internship in the group. The title of his project is "In silico studies of catalytic promiscuity in proteins".

Paul Ashford won a medal for his presentation at the December 2010 MGMS Young Modellers' Forum: "A method for visualising transient bindi ng sites on protein surfaces" . The abstract of the talk can be found here .

I am part of Synbion, the UCL and Birkbeck Synthetic Biology Network funded by the BBSRC (for more info take a look at the Synbion website and BBSRC's media office)

December 2010: Random thought number 1: I'm not on facebook (or anything similar). Nor do I want to be. Not even for the sake of laughing at other people's private pictures. Or maybe I am there under a false identity. And watching your site right now...


Here's one of my favourites from Lord Byron...

O talk not to me of a name great in story The days of our youth are the days of our glory And the myrtle and ivy of sweet two-and-twenty Are worth all your laurels though ever so plenty

What are garlands and crowns to the brow that is wrinkled? 'Tis but as a dead flower with May dew besprinkled Then away with all such from the head that is hoary What care I for the wreaths that can only give glory? [...]

Lord Byron (All for Love)