Dr Irilenia Nobeli (PI)

I am a true science mongrel. My background is a mixture of Chemistry, Computer Science and Bioinformatics. When I'm not doing research, marking or filling in workload sheets, I run (very, very slowly).

Short biography

  • Lecturer in Bioinformatics, Birkbeck College (Sep 2007 - now)
  • Lecturer in Bioinformatics, King's College London (Oct 2005- Aug 2007)
  • MRC training fellowship in Bioinformatics (with prof. Janet Thornton), European Bioinformatics Institute (2001-2005)
  • Postdoctoral research fellow (with prof. Janet Thornton), University College London (1999-2001)
  • TMR postdoctoral research fellow (with prof. Juan Novoa), University of Barcelona (Nov 1998- Jan 1999)
  • PhD in Theoretical/Computational Chemistry (with Prof. Sally Price), UCL Chemistry (1995- 1998)
  • MSc in Computing Science, Birkbeck Computer Science (2001- 2003)
  • BSc in Computer-Aided Chemistry, University of Surrey (1991-1995)

Current Group Members

Krzysztof Szkop

PhD student (part-time, 2013-)
Project: The role of UTRs in regulation of gene expression

Kavin Abelak

Bloomsbury PhD student (2014-), first supervisor: Dr Bishop-Bailey at the Royal Vet College
Project: The molecular determinants for fatty acid metabolism by eicosanoid-metabolising CYP450 enzymes

Akash Patel

MSc Bio-business (science literature review; 2017-)
Project: Digital health in cancer

Alina Ozuna

MSc Bioinformatics with Systems Biology (2017-2018)
Project: Bioinformatics pipeline for bacterial RNA-seq

Abdulvahab Kharadi

MSc Bioinformatics with Systems Biology (2017-2019)
Project: Development of a method for efficient comparison and clustering of large RNA datasets

Chelsea Wescott

MSc Bioinformatics with Systems Biology (2017-2018)
Project: Computational analysis of the untranslated regions of a gene important to cortical development

Zheng Nim

Summer intern (June/July 2018), undergraduate at UCL

Augoustina Economou

Summer intern (June/July 2018), undergraduate at King's College, funded by a Wellcome Trust vacation scholarship


PhD students and PhD rotation students

  • Liam Martin, Wellcome Trust rotation PhD student (Spring 2017)
  • Luba Prout, BBSRC LIDo rotation PhD student (Spring 2016)
  • Peter Cooke, MRC rotation PhD student (2015-2016), second supervisor: Dr Filipe Cabreiro (UCL)
  • Matthew Colledge, MRC CASE (with Pfizer/Neusentis) PhD student (2013-), first supervisor: Professor Bonnie Wallace
  • Florence Thomas, WT rotation PhD student (summer 2013) - Virtual screening for polymerisation inhibitors (with Dr Bibek Gooptu)
  • Benjy Lichman, WT rotation PhD student (summer 2012) - Protein binding promiscuity (with Prof. David Moss)
  • Katie Oliver, WT rotation PhD student (summer 2012) - Re-annotation of the Chlamydia proteins (with Dr Richard Hayward)
  • Jan Czarnecki , BBSRC CASE PhD student (2010-2014; industrial sponsor: Unilever), first supervisor: Dr A. Shepherd - Text mining to facilitate metabolic pathway reconstructions.
  • Anna Heddell, WT rotation PhD student (winter/spring 2010) - Computational screening for inhibitors of the tuberculosis resuscitation factors (with Prof. Nick Keep)
  • Anathe Patschull,
    • WT rotation PhD student (autumn 2009) - Computational docking of small molecules to α1-antitrysin (with Dr Bibek Gooptu)
    • WT PhD student, (2010/2013) - Computational and experimental studies of riboswitches (first supervisor: Dr Tracey Barrett)
  • Paul Ashford, BBSRC CASE PhD student, BBK (2008/2011) - industrial supervisor: Dr A. Alex (Pfizer Ltd), second academic supervisor: Dr Mark Williams
  • Jonathan Myles, part-time PhD student, BBK (2008 - break in study) - first supervisor: Dr A. Shepherd

MSc/MRes students

  • Aine Fairbrother, MSc Bioinformatics, BBK (2016/2017, FT)
  • Jenifer Suntharalingham, MSc Bio-business, BBK (2016/2017)
  • Gabriele Nocchi, MSc Bioinformatics, BBK (2015/2017, PT)
  • Dolapo Ajayi, MSc Bioinformatics, BBK (2015/2017, PT)
  • Richard Acton, MSc Bioinformatics, BBK (2015/2016)
  • Alexander Talbot, MSc Analytical Chemistry, BBK (2016/2017)
  • Doriano Liberto, MRes, BBK (2015/16)
  • Prathana Kalanithy, MRes, BBK (2015/16)
  • Liam Paul, MRes, BBK (2014)
  • Joanne Humphries, MSc, BBK (2013)
  • Rob Collins, part-time MRes, BBK (2013, 2014) - with Dr Tine Arnvig (UCL)
  • Yolanda Dopico, part-time MSc, BBK (2013, 2014) - with Dr David Prieto-Marino (LSHTM)
  • Inbar Levi, full-time MRes, BBK (2013, 2014) - with Dr David Prieto-Marino (LSHTM)
  • Kavin Abelak, full-time MRes, BBK (2013, 2014) - with Dr Tine Arnvig (UCL)
  • Bojan Cvijan, part-time MSc, BBK (2013, 2014)
  • Sam Coulson, full-time MSc, BBK (2013)
  • Joe Southan, full-time MSc, BBK (2013)
  • Andrejus Abrosimovas, part-time MSc, BBK (2012,2013)
  • Manojit Paul, part-time MSc, BBK (2012,2013)
  • Paul Golby, part-time MSc, BBK (2011,2012)
  • Jaytanya Rajachandrasekar, MSc, BBK (2011) - with Dr Karen Abraham and Dr A. Shepherd
  • Christian Spiteri, MSc, BBK (2011)
  • Jan Czarnecki, part-time MSc, BBK (2010)
  • Alice Povia, MSc, BBK (2010) - Investigation of surface binding pockets among sets of homologous protein structures
  • Danai Fimereli, MSc, BBK (2010) -
  • Khaleda Begum, MSc, BBK (2010) - with Dr A. Shephe rd
  • Rosalind Jack, MSc, BBK (2010) - with Dr A. Shepherd and Unilever (Metabolic network reconstructions for Malassezia organisms)
  • Jonathan Hurwitz, part-time MSc, BBK (2008/2009)- first supervisor: Dr A. Shepherd (Life in extreme environments)
  • Michael Fox, MRes, BBK (2007) - with Dr A. Shepherd )
  • Dimitris Mekras, MSc, BBK (2006) - with Dr A. Shepherd metabolome 3d)
  • Fatai Ogunlayi, MSc, BBK (2006) - with Dr A. Shepherd text mining for protein functions)
  • Ling Zhu, MRes, York (2006) - Comparison of cognate and cognate-like ligand interactions in the PDB


  • Dr Hilary Crowe, BBK final year undergraduate (2017/2018)- Trancriptomic signatures of atherosclerosis (with Dr D. Bishop-Bailey, RVC)
  • Samantha Thompson, intern (2016-) - Circular RNAs
  • Zirui Xu, summer intern (2015) - Molecular mechanisms of autism
  • Benjamin Yang, summer intern (2015) - Molecular mechanisms of autism
  • Yamuranai Diya, BBK final year undergraduate (2015)-
  • Giacomo Proietti, six-month Erasmus intern from the University of Perugia (2014) - Simulations of CYP2J2
  • Rima Cesnaitw, BBK final year undergraduate (2014) - The link between autism and the immune system
  • Viktoria Kalna, summer intern (2014) - Molecular mechanisms of autism
  • Peter Cooke, summer intern (2014) - Molecular mechanisms of autism
  • Dardan Uka, UCL final year undergraduate (literature project) - Alanine racemase in Chlamydia
  • Jasper Koehorst, Masters (Wageningen University, Holland) internship (March 2012- August 2012) - Metabolic pathways in Chlamydia
  • Krzysztof Szkop, Undergraduate internship (Summer 2011) - Catalytically promiscuous proteins
  • Wei Nee Lim, Undergraduate internship (Summer 2009) - COX/LOX inhibition