Post-Doctoral Researcher in Structural Biology

We are currently seeking a highly motivated post-doctoral researcher with a strong background in structural biology, biophysics and/or biochemistry. The position is funded by MRC for a period of up to 5 years. The successfull candidate will use an integrative structural biology approach to investigate the structure and mechanism of an important family of chromatin remodelling complexes. Mutations affecting subunits of these complexes have been implicated in over 20% of human cancers and therefore structural biologists with an interest in laying the foundations for novel structure-guided chemotherapeutic development are strongly encouraged to apply. The successful candidate will enjoy exciting collaborative opportunities with members of the Burlingame Lab @UCSF and the Pellarin lab @Institut Pasteur and will become highly skilled in the implementation of cutting-edge integrative structural biology to meet the challenges of a future high-profile scientific career. For more information and to apply click here.

Ph.D Students

We have a number of projects ideally suited for an incoming Ph.D student interested in transcription and chromatin research. Students will receive extensive training in all components of an integrated structural biology workflow, including access to Birkbeck's top-end cryo-EM facilities. Ph.D students interested in potential projects in the lab should get in touch by email. For more information on applying to Ph.D programs in the ISMB click here.