Electron microscopy and image processing

Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology
Birkbeck College and University College London

Dr Natasha Lukoyanova
tel: (office) +44(0) 207 631 6824

Dr Shu Chen
Office +44(0) 207 631 6831
EM unit +44(0) 207 079 8058
EM preparation lab +44(0) 207 079 8061; T12 x8057; T10 x8058

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Academic Head of Laboratory: Carolyn Moores
Laboratory Co-ordinator:
Natasha Lukoyanova
Laboratory Manager: Shu Chen

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Helen Saibil
Giulia Zanetti
Anthony Roberts
Cara Vaughan
Finn Werner
Elena Orlova
Maya Topf
Gabriel Waksman
Alan Cheung
Phil Robinson



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EM equipment
For single particle EM and tomography, we have Tecnai 100, 120 kV, 200 kV FEG and 300 kV Polara and Krios machines, with K2 direct electron detectors and Quantum energy filters on the Polara and Krios (the latter with phase plate, and upgrade to K3 pending), a DE20 direct detector on the F20, and a vitrobot for sample preparation. Cell preparation equipment includes a high pressure freezer, cryo microtome and freeze substitution, as well as correlative cryo fluorescence microscopy/ cryo EM.

Photos of a challenging Krios delivery

Image processing 
Hardware: Linux clusters and graphics workstations
Software: Spider, Imagic, MRC image programs, Relion, CCP4, EMAN, Amira, IMOD, Dynamo, Cryosparc

eBIC: electron Bio-Imaging Centre at Diamond Light Source