Electron microscopy and image processing

Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology
Birkbeck College and University College London

Dr Natasha Lukoyanova
tel: (office) +44(0) 207 631 6824

Dr Shu Chen
Office +44(0) 207 631 6831
EM unit +44(0) 207 079 8058
EM preparation lab +44(0) 207 079 8061; T12 x8057; T10 x8058

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Academic Head of Laboratory: Carolyn Moores
Laboratory Co-ordinator:
Natasha Lukoyanova
Laboratory Manager: Shu Chen

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Helen Saibil
Giulia Zanetti
Anthony Roberts
Finn Werner
Jerome Gouge
Elena Orlova
Maya Topf
Gabriel Waksman
Phil Robinson


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EM equipment
For single particle EM and tomography, we have Tecnai 100, 120 kV, 200 kV FEG and 300 kV Krios machines, with Falcon 3 and K3 direct electron detectors and BioQuantum energy filter and phase plate on the  Krios, a DE20 direct detector on the F20, and a Vitrobot and Leica Gp2 for sample preparation. Cell preparation equipment includes a high pressure freezer, cryo microtome and freeze substitution, as well as correlative cryo fluorescence microscopy/ cryo EM.

Photos of a challenging Krios delivery

Image processing software:
Spider Imagic Amira CCP4 CCP-EM EMAN IMOD Dynamo RELION

eBIC: electron Bio-Imaging Centre at Diamond Light Source