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Key papers:

Hutchings, J., Stancheva, V., Miller, E.A., Zanetti, G. (2018). Subtomogram averaging of COPII assemblies reveals how coat organization dictates membrane shape. Nat Commun 9(1):4154

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Zanetti, G., Prinz, S., Daum, S., Meister, A., Schekman, R., Bacia, K., and Briggs, J.A. (2013). The structure of the COPII transport-vesicle coat assembled on membranes. eLife 2, e00951.

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Other publications:

Guo, Y., Zanetti, G., and Schekman, R. (2013). A novel GTP-binding protein-adaptor protein complex responsible for export of Vangl2 from the trans Golgi network. eLife 2, e00160.

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