July 2020

Sophie Hesketh joins the lab as a postdoctoral researcher. Welcome Sophie!

Steph and Aakash's review on intraflagellar transport motors and trains is published!

Aug 2019
Kat's paper on the cryo-EM structure of the dynein-2 complex and its assembly with intraflagellar transport trains is published!

Anthony and the lab are honoured to be awarded the Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship.

Jan 2019

Aisha Ben-Younis joins the lab for a rotation project. Welcome Aisha!

Nov 2018

Anthony and the lab are honoured to join the EMBO Young Investigator Program.

Oct 2018

Steph, Aakash, and Anthony go to the Cilia 2018 Meeting in Copenhagen.

Aug 2018

Stephanie Webb starts her PhD project in the lab! Welcome back Steph!
Our Review comparing dynein-1 and dynein-2 is published.

May 2018

Aakash Mukhopadhyay joins the lab as a postdoctoral researcher. Gwenny Cackett starts a PhD rotation project in the lab. Welcome Aakash and Gwenny!

April 2018

We have moved into new lab space! Please see updated contact details.

Oct 2017

Stephanie Webb joins the lab for a PhD rotation project. Welcome Steph!
We have collaborated with Bara Krautz at Science Animated () to create impressions of dynein-2 in action (see image 2 in the slider).
Anthony gives a talk at the Dynein 2017 International Workshop in Japan.

May 2017

Paper on dynein-2 auto-regulation is published in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. Congratulations Kat and Miro!

April 2017

Kat gives a talk at the British Microtubule Meeting!

January 2017

The lab receives a BBSRC New Investigator Award.

September 2016

Anthony receives the Biochemical Society Early Career Research Award 2016: Molecular Structure and Function.