Research focus

We are investigating the mechanisms by which molecules are spatially organized within living cells. A main focus is on dynein, a large but poorly understood motor protein that uses ATP hydrolysis to transport cellular components and signals along microtubules. The overarching goal of our research is to understand how dynein works as a force-generating machine, and how dynein molecules are regulated to bring about coherent cellular functions. We are also interested in how defects in the dynein machinery cause human disease, and how dynein operates with the other class of microtubule motor, kinesin. Core techniques in our research are cryo-electron microscopy, in vitro reconstitution, cell biology, and single-molecule fluorescence microscopy.

We are based at the Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology, a joint Institute between Birkbeck and UCL. We are members of the Birkbeck Electron Microscopy and Image Processing group. We gratefully acknowledge support from the Wellcome Trust, Royal Society, EMBO, and BBSRC.


Sep 2020

Jennifer Wells joins the lab as a postdoctoral researcher. Welcome Jen!

Aug 2020

Collaborative study on dynein-2 mutations in retinal degeneration is published.

July 2020

Sophie Hesketh joins the lab as a postdoctoral researcher. Welcome Sophie!

Steph and Aakash's review on intraflagellar transport motors and trains is published!

Aug 2019
Kat's paper on the cryo-EM structure of the dynein-2 complex and its assembly with intraflagellar transport trains is published!

Anthony and the lab are honoured to be awarded the Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship.

Jan 2019

Aisha Ben-Younis joins the lab for a rotation project. Welcome Aisha!

Nov 2018

Anthony and the lab are honoured to join the EMBO Young Investigator Program.