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A little bit about myself...

In the tradition of bioinformaticians being Jacks of all trades and masters of one, I have juggled (so far) Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science and I am claiming Chemoinformatics as my speciality. Since my PhD, I have spent many years arguing for the need to explore the metabolome, and integrate bio- and chemo-informatics. More recently, and whilst waiting for metabolomics data to pile up for analysis, I have been trying, not without a sense of panic, to keep up with the racing fields of regulatory RNA and inhibition of protein-protein interfaces. I like to spend the rest of the time thinking about drugs (mostly natural products), or promiscuous behaviour (of enzymes and other proteins). For a while I was a big fan of synthetic biology, but faced with the impossibility of ever having my own lab, I'm now happy browsing instead next generation sequencing data in a (most likely doomed) effort to understand what goes on in our brains.
Other roles:
Admissions tutor for the MSc Bioinformatics with Systems Biology
Projects organiser for the MSc Bioinformatics with Systems Biology
Course director for the MRes Bioinformatics with Systems Biology

Browse around, drop me a line or come for coffee, if you'd like to have a chat.

I am grateful to the following bodies for financial support (since my PhD): Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre, Pfizer, MRC, BBSRC, Royal Society, University of London Central Research Fund, Birkbeck College, the Wellcome Trust, Unilever, the Nuffield Foundation.

Short biography

  • Lecturer in Bioinformatics, Birkbeck College (Sep 2007 - now)
  • Lecturer in Bioinformatics, King's College London (Oct 2005- Aug 2007)
  • MRC training fellowship in Bioinformatics (with prof. Janet Thornton), European Bioinformatics Institute (2001-2005)
  • Postdoctoral research fellow (with prof. Janet Thornton), University College London (1999-2001)
  • TMR postdoctoral research fellow (with prof. Juan Novoa), University of Barcelona (Nov 1998- Jan 1999)
  • PhD in Theoretical/Computational Chemistry (with Prof. Sally Price), UCL Chemistry (1995- 1998)
  • MSc in Computing Science, Birkbeck Computer Science (2001- 2003)
  • BSc in Computer-Aided Chemistry, University of Surrey (1991-1995)