Selected Publications

Mammal-restricted elements predispose human RET to folding impairment by HSCR mutations
Kjær S, Hanrahan S, Totty N & McDonald NQ.
Nature Structural and Molecular Biology (2010) 17: 726-731.

Protein kinase C intervention: the state of play.
Roffey J, Rosse C, Linch M, Hibbert A, McDonald NQ, Parker PJ.
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Recognition of an intra-chain tandem 14-3-3 binding site within PKC-epsilon
Kostelecky B, Saurin AT, Purkiss A, Parker PJ, McDonald NQ.
EMBO Rep. 2009 Sep;10(9):983-9.

Molecular basis for G-actin binding to RPEL motifs from the serum response factor coactivator MAL.
Mouilleron S, Guettler S, Langer CA, Treisman R & McDonald NQ.
EMBO J. (2008) 27 (23): 1-11.

Structural and functional relationships of the XPF/Mus81 family of proteins.
Ciccia A, McDonald N & West SC.
Annu Rev Biochem. (2008) 77: 259-287.

Structure of a conserved dimerisation domain within the F-box protein Fbxo7 and the PI31 proteasome inhibitor.
Kirk R, Laman H, Knowles PP, Murray-Rust J, Lomonosov M, Meziane EK, McDonald NQ.
J. Biol. Chem. (2008) 8; 823(32) 22325-35.

Tes, a Specific Mena Interacting Partner, Breaks the Rules for EVH1 Binding.
Boeda B, Briggs DC, Higgins T, Garvalov BK, Fadden AJ, McDonald NQ & Way M.
Molecular Cell (2007) 28(6) :1071-1082.

Redox-mediated substrate recognition by Sdp1 defines a new group of tyrosine phosphatases
Fox GC, Shafiq M, Briggs DC, Knowles PP, Collister M, Didmon MJ, Makrantoni V, Dickinson RJ, Hanrahan S, Totty N, Stark MJR, Keyse SM, & McDonald NQ.
Nature (2007) 447:487-492.

Identification of FAAP24, a Fanconi anemia core complex protein that interacts with FANCM
Ciccia A, Ling C, Coulthard R, Yan Z, Xue Y, Meetei AR, Laghmani el H, Joenje H, McDonald N, de Winter JP, Wang W, West SC.
Molecular Cell (2007) Feb 9;25(3):331-43.

Disruption of methylarginine metabolism impairs vascular homeostasis
Leiper J, Nandi M, Torendel, B, Murray-Rust J, et al. & McDonald, N.Q., Vallance, P.
Nature Medicine (2007) 13, 198-203

Structure and chemical inhibition of the RET tyrosine kinase domain
Knowles PP, Murray-Rust J, Kjaer S, Scott RP, Hanrahan S, Santoro M, Ibanez CF, McDonald NQ
Journal of Biological Chemistry (2006) 281, 33577-33587 [PubMed] [PDF] [2IVU]

Novel oncogenic activity of Fbx7 is mediated by regulation of cyclin D/cdk6
Laman, H., Funes, J.M., Ye, H., Galinanes-Garcia, L., Hara, E., Knowles, P.P., McDonald, N.Q. & Boshoff, C.
EMBO Journal (2005) Sep 7;24(17):3104-16.

Structure of an XPF endonuclease with and without DNA suggests a model for substrate recognition
Newman M, Murray-Rust J, Lally J, Rudolf J, Fadden A, Knowles PP, White MF, McDonald NQ
EMBO Journal (2005) 24: 895-905 [PubMed] [PDF] [2BGW]

Structure-function analysis of human phosphatidylinositol transfer protein alpha bound to phosphatidylinositol
Tilley SJ, Skippend A, Murray-Rust J, Swigart PM, Stewart A, Morgan CP, Cockcroft S & McDonald NQ
Structure (2004) 12, 317-326. [PubMed] [PDF] [1UW5]

Crystal structure of inositol 1-phosphate synthase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis, a key enzyme in phosphatidylinositol synthesis
Norman, RA, McAlister, MSB, Murray-Rust, J, Movahedzadeh, F, Stoker NG & McDonald, NQ
Structure (2002) 10 pp1-20.

Structural insights into the hydrolysis of cellular nitric oxide synthase inhibitors by dimethylarginine dimethylaminohydrolase
Murray-Rust J, Leiper J, McAlister M, Phelan J, Tilley S, Santa-Maria J, Vallance P & McDonald NQ
Nature Structural Biology (2001) 8(8), pp 679 - 683. [PubMed] [PDF] [1H70]

Crystal structure of a herpesvirus cyclin D homologue bound to a cyclin-dependent kinase
Card, G.L., Knowles, P., Lamar, H., Jones N. & McDonald N.Q.
EMBO Journal(2000) 19 (12), 2877-2888

Overcoming inhibitions: subversion of CKI function by viral cyclins
Swanton C, Card GL, Mann D, McDonald NQ, Jones N.
Trends Biochem Sci.(1999) Mar;24(3):116-20.

Crystal structure of the MAPK phosphatase Pyst1 catalytic domain and implications for regulated activation
Stewart, A.E., Dowd, S., Keyse, S.M. & McDonald N.Q.
Nature Struct. Biol. (1999) 6 (2) 174-181.

Crystal structure of the C2 domain from protein kinase C-delta.
Pappa H, Murray-Rust J, Dekker LV, Parker PJ, McDonald NQ.
Structure (1998) 6(7):885-94

Structure of mouse 7S NGF: a complex of nerve growth factor with four binding proteins
Bax B, Blundell TL, Murray-Rust J, McDonald N. Q
Structure. (1997) 5 (10):1275-85.

Crystal Structure of Dimeric Human Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor Determined by MAD Phasing.
McDonald, N.Q., Panayotatos, N. & Hendrickson W.A.
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A New Structural Superfamily of Growth Factors Containing a Cystine Knot Motif.
McDonald, N.Q. & Hendrickson, W.A.
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A New Protein Fold Revealed by a 2.3A Resolution Crystal Structure of Nerve Growth Factor.
McDonald, N.Q., Lapatto, R., Murray-Rust, J., Gunning, J.,Wlodawer, A. & Blundell, T.L.
Nature (1991) 354, 411-414.

Epidermal Growth Factor Binding Induces a Conformational Change in the External Domain of its Receptor.
Greenfield, C, Hiles, I., Waterfield, M.D., Federwisch, M., Wollmer, A., Blundell, T.L. & McDonald, N.Q.
EMBO J. (1989) 8, 4115-4123.