Bonnie Ann Wallace

Professor of Molecular Biophysics
Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology
Birkbeck College
University of London
London WC1E 7HX U.K.

phone: 44-(0)207-631-6800
fax: 44-(0)207-631-6803

Ph.D.(Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry), Yale University
Jane Coffin Childs Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University
Jane Coffin Childs Postdoctoral Fellow, MRC Lab of Molecular Biology, Cambridge

Royal Society of Chemistry Khorana Prize 2020
Fellow, AAAS
Fellow, Institute of Biology
Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry
Fellow, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
Honorary Member, British Biophysical Society

Fellow, (US) Biophysical Society

Royal Society of Chemistry Interdisciplinary Prize
AstraZeneca Award from the Biochemical Society
Dayhoff Award of the Biophysical Society

Camile and Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award
Irma T. Hirschl Award

Book on CD and SRCD:
"Modern Techniques for Circular Dichroism and Synchrotron Radiation Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy"

B.A. Wallace and R.W. Janes, Editors
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The main focus of my lab is on structure/function studies of membrane proteins, especially those involved in ion translocation and transport. Of particular interest are voltage-gated sodium channels: we have determined the first crystal structure of a sodium channel in its open conformation . We have also determined the first crystal structures of complexes of a sodium channel with several eukaryotic sodium channel drugs, which we have shown block prokaryotic channels, making this channel an excellent candidate for drug discovery/development, and we identified for the first time the locations of the sodium ions in the channel, and determined the structure of a full-length open activated sodium channel which has revealed a novel interaction motif and has identified residues conserved across human and prokaryotic channels, that are associated with disease states. To do these studies, my lab uses the techniques of X-ray crystallography, cryoEM, circular dichroism spectroscopy, biophysical characterisation methods, cloning and expression, bioinformatics, and molecular modelling. We also correlate structure/function studies by molecular dynamics calculations and use a range of functional studies (many in collaborative studies with electrophysiology experts (including the Clapham, DeCaen, and Hemmings labs) to examine structure/function relationships for ion channels. We have determined the conformational changes associated with channel opening and closing, and the locations of a number of widely used drugs within the channel hydrophobic core and in the intramembranous fenstrations, whilst showing the effects of mutations on drug binding. These studies extend our early crystalllography and NMR structure/function studies on polypeptide ion channels, including peptaibols, gramicidin and alamethicin, which led to the first detailed molecular views of ion channels.

The other main focus of my lab is the development of techniques and applications for circular dichroism spectroscopy, including the method of synchrotron radiation circular dichroism (SRCD) spectroscopy of proteins, and the application of circular dichroism spectroscopy for the study of  membrane proteins, including ways of mitigating solvent shifts, differential scattering, and absorption flattening effects in such samples. We have created the widely-used (>1 million analyses)  DICHROWEB website for secondary structural calculations, which also includes our new soluble and membrane protein reference databases for CD analyses, and a  CD data processing, analysis and archive package "CDtoolX" for use with conventional CD and SRCD data. In a collaborative project with R.W. Janes of Queen Mary, University of London, we have created the the only deposition and archiving data bank for circular dichroism spectra, the Protein Circular Dichroism Data Bank (PCDDB), (and its associated with validation software, Validichro, and the DichroMatch method for structural analyses).  These tools have all found major use for the analyses of circular dichroism data by groups worldwide.

Grant Support:

Our work is/has been supported by grants from the BBSRC, the Rosetrees Trust, the EPSRC, the MRC, NIAA, NIH, IUPAC, Pfizer Neusentis, Bayer Animal Health, CNPQ (Brazil), the Heptagon Fund, EU Marie Curie Funding, and the Wellcome Trust.

Selected Publications:

  • Ramalli, S.G., Miles, A.J., Janes, R.W., and Wallace, B.A. (2022) The PCDDB (Protein Circular Dichroism Data Bank): A Bioinformatics Resource for Protein Characterisations and Methods Development. J. Mol. Biol. 434:167441.
  • D'Avanzo, N., Miles, A.J., Powl, A.M., Nichols, C.G., Wallace, B.A., and O'Reilly, A.O. (2022) The T1-tetramerisation domain of Kv1.2 rescues expression and preserves function of a truncated NaChBac sodium channel. FEBS Letts. 596, 772-783.
  • Miles, A.J., Ramalli, S.G., Wallace, B.A. (2022) DichroWeb, a website for calculating protein secondary structure from circular dichroism spectroscopic data. Protein Science 31, 37-46.
  • Miles, A.J., Janes, R.W., and Wallace B.A. (2021) Tools and methods for circular dichroism spectroscopy of proteins: a tutorial review.  Chem. Soc. Rev. 50, 8400-8413.
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Postdocs: Dr. Andrew Miles

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Altin Sula, Lee Whitmore (Simmore Software Ltd), Drew Woolley (University of Toronto, Canada), K. Ravikumar (University of Madras, India), Martha Kimball, Kalypso Charalambous (Kings College London), Nora Cronin (Inst. Cancer Res.), Andrew Powl, Andrias O’Reilly (Liverpool John Moores Univ.), Ghasem Nurani, Emily McCusker (Allergan), Claire Bagneris (Birkbeck), Claire Naylor (Molecular Dynamics), Oliver Smart (Anglia Ruskin Univ.), Frank Wien (Soleil Synchrotron), Maria Alvarez, Genacarlo Zanata (Federal University of Ceará) Brazil, Jose Luiz Lopes (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil), Juliana Yonada (Uinv. of Sao Paulo), Jose Luiz Lopes (Univ. of Sao Paulo, Brazil), Martin Ulmschneider (Kings College London)