Health and Safety Policy


Health and Safety policy and codes are an essential aspects of a research laboratory. This statement and the accompanying codes are endorsed by Professor Gabriel Waksman, Head of School. These codes are for the information and guidance of all staff and students who work within the School of Crystallography. Please also refer to the "College Statement of Safety Policy".

Division of responsibility

The Head of School will ensure that there is a Health and Safety Policy and will ensure that health and safety matters are discussed at all Staff Meetings.
Dr Jim Pitts is Safety Officer for the School and is responsible for the operation of this policy along with those designated below.

At laboratory level, the following have specific health and safety roles in their respective area:
Dr T  Daviter Biophysics centre
Dr D Houldershaw Computer services
Dr Luchun Wang Electron Microscopy Laboratory
Dr R Sarra Rayne and Wolfson Laboratory (Biochemistry)
Dr S Geddes Rosalind Franklin Molecular Biology Laboratory
Dr R Sarra Spectroscopy Laboratory
Dr A Cole
X-ray Laboratory

All supervisors have a responsibility to risk assess work under their supervision and fill in annual COSHH forms. All temporary visitors working in laboratories must also sign a COSHH form.

The School administrators keep copies of the Safety Policy, collect the completed and signed COSHH forms at the beginning of the school year and keep the signed forms in the School office. Most of the codes of practice can be found via the School's Web site.

All staff and students have a responsibility to read all College and School Codes of Practice on Safety and attend any courses that may be given on specific aspects of safety within the School. They have a duty to behave responsibly and adhere to established practice. Any health problems or disabilities that may affect their performance within a laboratory must be notified to the Head of School.

Emergency procedures
First Aiders in Crystallography
GM Form [Version amended 2010, Word Doc]
COSHH Form on the Web [Safety Office]
Accident Report Form

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