Structure of yeast Ty retrotransposon particles

Structure of yeast Ty retrotransposons
Department of Crystallography
Birkbeck College London

Hind AL-Khayat1, David Bhella2, John Kenney3 and Helen Saibil
Present addresses:
1Biophysics Section, Physics Department, Imperial College London
2MRC Virology Unit, Glasgow
3Department of Physics, University of Aarhus, Denmark

These are cryo EM 3D reconstructions of two classes of Ty virus-like particles, with icosahedral T numbers of 3 and 4.

virus structure gif

AL-Khayat et al (1999) Yeast Ty retrotransposons assemble into virus-like particles whose T-numbers depend on the C-terminal length of the capsid protein. J. Mol. Biol. 292, 65-73.
Palmer et al (1997) Cryo-electron microscopy structure of yeast Ty retrotransposon virus-like particles, J. Virol. 71, 6863-6868.
Burns et al (1992) Symmetry, flexibility and permeability in the structure of yeast retrotransposon virus-like particles, EMBO J 11, 1155-1164.

Birkbeck Crystallography EM and Image Processing group

Nov 99