Dr Luchun Wang, EM Laboratory Manager

Electron Microscopy and Image Processing

EM group

Luchun Wang has worked in the field of electron microscopy for nearly 20 years. He is now the EM Lab Manager in the structural biology group headed by Professor Helen Saibil at the School of Crystallography, Birkbeck College, University of London.

He graduated from the Crystallography Group, Department of Physics of Nanjing University, China. Since then, he has worked at the National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures, Nanjing University. The National Laboratory is one of the leading Science Laboratories in China. In order to set up a new EM Laboratory at Nanjing University, he went to Japan for electron microscopy training at the JEOL Training Center. After the training, he demonstrated superhigh resolution atomic imaging with 0.147nm point-to-point resolution on the Jeol 4000EX electron microscope. In 1995 he became Associate Professor at Nanjing University.

In the period 1992-1993 he was invited as a Research Fellow by the French institution "Centre National de la recherche Scientifique" (CNRS) to work at Institut National des Sciences Appliquees de Lyon for research into microstructural interface by TEM. He was awarded the Ph.D. degree at Department of Physics and Department of Engineering Materials, University of Sheffield on the subject of Electron Microscopical Studies of Magnetic Thin Films and Multilayers. The compositional map of the FeCo/Ag multilayers and atomic level of the interface structure between Ag and FeCo layers were revealed using the JEOL 2010F FEG TEM. After his Ph.D. study, he was a Research Fellow at University of Plymouth. He attended a training course in Cryo-electron microscopy at FEI application lab, Holland, in October 2001.

Research Interests:

High Resolution Electron Microscopy in fields of Biology and Physics


School of Crystallography
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