General Laboratory Safety


All new users must undergo induction (to arrange, contact lab manager Shu Chen,, fill in the induction form, and read and sign the laboratory COSHH form before they can do any work in the EM laboratories.


Liquid nitrogen


Electron microscope emergency shut down 

In the case of an emergency, such as a fire or a building evacuation, follow the instructions below. However, personal safety remains a priority at all times and by no means should you put yourself at risk.

Sulphur hexafluoride gas

The FEG microscope uses sulphur hexafluoride gas (SF6) for insulation of the high tension (HT) tanks and the emission chamber. The gauge on the HT tank should read 4.5 bar. If the pressure drops below 4 bar, there may be a leak. While this gas is non-toxic, it is heavier than air and will displace oxygen from the floor level upwards. If there is a significant leak of this gas the oxygen monitor in the room will beep. The microscope will automatically switch off and the room should be evacuated.


This page was last updated in October 2017