Movies of the GroEL ATPase cycle

Movies of the GroEL ATPase cycle

Additional material for the papers by Roseman et al (1996) Cell 87, 241-251

These movies are short sequences of GroEL structures in complex with different nucleotides and GroES, created from surface-rendered images of cryo EM 3D reconstructions. They should be viewed as a repeating loop, and give the impression of domain movements occurring during the ATPase cycle. The letter codes are EL, GroEL; EL ES, GroEL-GroES. The movies should be viewed in 256-color or full colour mode.

This sequence shows the GroEL movements seen directly from the side (i.e., perpendicular to the 7-fold axis of the oligomer).
The molecule is tipped forward to allow a view into the cavity of the top ring. The domain rotation caused by nucleotide binding continues into the large movement accompanying GroES binding.
The sequence of 4 states is shown tipped backwards, revealing a different pattern of movement in the lower ring. The upper ring (at the back of the images) performs a continuous twisting motion, but the lower ring opens and shuts with radial movements of the domains in addition to the twisting.

Additional material for the paper by Rye et al (1999) Cell 97, 325-338

The following movies show GroEL-GroES complexes alternating between ATP (T) and ADP (D) forms. The GroES binds to the two rings in alternation.

This movie shows the alternation of GroES binding by flipping between "up" and "down" structures.
This movie is shown without flipping to illustrate the conformational changes between ATP and ADP forms.
This movie shows the movements at the open end of the complex (remote from GroES).
The structure is cut open to reveal the binding cavities and show their movements.

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