CDR conformational prediction

You can download yCDRp here, a desktop GUI tool for the conformational prediction of antibody CDRs.
The tool applies both DCP signatures and canonical templates and outputs predictions by both methods separately.

Please unzip the folder to your preferred location and launch the .jar file (from icon for Windows/Mac users).
Note the maximum Java heap size needs to be increased to 1Gb, if phase-1 definitions are to be used for predictions with a Mac.
For Linux users, either launch from the command line: java -jar yCDRprediction.jar
or change the execute permission: chmod u+x yCDRprediction.jar (also move the 'Definitions' folder to the home directory)
and then right-click to choose the Java 7 application (if installed).

User instructions are embedded in the GUI (mouseover 'instructions' label).

For more information on the methods and interpretation of results please refer to the corresponding articles:
"A complete, multi-level conformational clustering of antibody complementarity-determining regions" and
"Disjoint combinations profiling (DCP): a new method for the prediction of antibody CDR conformation from sequence"

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