mAb monoclonal antibody
VH variable heavy
VL variable light
CDR Complementarity-determining regions as in Kabat Definitions.
FRs Frameworks (not CDR portions of the variable regions)
α λ μ etc Greek symbols character set not available on your computer.
SG Subgroup (of heavy or light chain) e.g. SGIIIB (subgroup IIIB)
ADCC Antibody-Dependent Cell-mediated Cytolysis
HPB-ALL Human peripheral blood acute lymphocytic leukaemia cells
GVHD Graft versus Host Disease
Backmutations human | kabat number | source : chain
e.g. S94R:H means human S mutated back to mouse R at kabat position 94 in the heavy chain H (the chain identifier is optional).
| The "|" symbol is used to separate data on heavy and light chains
e.g. VH human POM | VL human EU

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