Residues at the VL/VH Domain Interface

Kabat PositionMouseHumanKabat PositionMouseHuman
34H678 N420 A408 Y147 E114A531 N147 D6635H1001 N636 S402 E184S527 H340 G167 A143
36Y1653 F198 L96Y748 F8037V2336 I200V1037 I477 L27
38Q1865 H47Q799 H2239Q2518 K67Q1539 R16
44 (A)P1767 V132 I40P839 L545 (A)L2636 P16L1531 P24
46L1381 R374 P97L760 V3747W2518 L64 Y50W1534 Y21
87Y1457 F448Y795 F4191Y2149 F479Y1429 F116
89Q1170 L206 F144Q687 M10793A2202 T222 V102A1346 T90 V71
91W376 S374 G356 Y295 H182Y404 R115 S105 A8495Y399 G375 S340 D340 R226D268 G266 R109 E100
96 (A)L537 Y380 W285L134 Y215 F78 W73 I71100k (A)F1285 M450F540 M109 L33
98 (A)F1724F654103 (A)W1469W323

The number following the one-letter amino acid code is the frequency taken from Kabat (November 1997 dataset). Residues in bold are in the framework. Other residues are in the CDRs. (A) residues are the six that form the core of the VL/VH interface according to Chothia.

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