Antibody Name: M4
References: Sha, Y. and Xiang, J. "A heavy-chain grafted antibody that recognizes the tumor-associated TAG72 antigen" Canc. Biother. (1994) 9:341-349.
Donor Antibody: mouse
Acceptor Antibody: Human IgG1 | mouse k
Antigen: Tumour Associated Glycoprotein (TAG72) (Epitope sialosyl-Tn)
Laboratory: University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Design: Chose NEWM FR because it had successfully been used in B1.8.
Frameworks: human VH NEWM | VL k mouse
CDRs: All 3 VH, Kabat Definition, except that residues 26-30:H were retained.
Backmutations: None, except those in residues 26-30:H.
Binding: Low compared with murine and chimaeric as measured by ELISA and Western blotting.
Expression: VkCk cell line derived from myeloma SP2/0Ag14
Comment: NEWM FRs had low homology, EU FRs would be better.
Clinical Indication: Colorectal, gastric and ovarian carcinomas.

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