Antibody Name: JES1-39D10 (IgG2a|k)
References: Cook, W.J., Walter, L.J., Murgolo, N.J., Chou, C-C., Petro, M., Zavodny, P.J., Narula, S.K., Ramanathan, L., Trota, P.P. and Nagabhushan, T.L. "Structure and humanization of a rat monoclonal Fab to human interleukin-5" Prot. Engng. (1996) 9:623-628.
Chou, C-C., Murgolo, N.J., Abrams, J.S., Jehn, C-H., Petro, M.E., Silver, J.E., Tindall, S., Windsor, W.T. and Zavodny, P.J. WO93/16184 (1993)
Donor Antibody: rat
Acceptor Antibody: Human IgG4 |k
Antigen: human interleukin-5
Laboratory: University of Alabama, AL; Schering-Plough Research Institute, NJ
Design: Built model of Fv, but later had structure of Fab.
Frameworks: VH HIL | VL LAY
CDRs: Kabat Definition.
Backmutations: Many versions and many mutations but important ones are:
VH A24V F27L F29L L78V (H1 support residues) (see also AT13/5).
Binding: Comparable to rat mAb.
Expression: Cos cells.
Comment: Xtal structure also available for human VH FRs (HIL) which allowed comparison with rat Fab structure.
Clinical Indication: Diseases caused by IL-5-induced eosinophils (eg asthma).

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