Antibody Name: HMFG1 (VH SGIIC | VL kI)
References: Verhoeyen, M., Saunders, J., Price, M., Marugg, J., Briggs, S., Broderick, E., Eida, S., Mooren, A. and Badley, R. "Construction of a reshaped HMFG1 antibody and comparison of its fine specificity with that of the parent mouse antibody" Immunol. (1993) 78:364-370.
Donor Antibody: mouse
Acceptor Antibody: Human IgG1 | k
Antigen: delipidated prep of human milk fat globule (HMFG) - a milk mucin. Tetramer epitope PDTR on human polymorphic epithelial mucin (PEM).
Laboratory: Unilever Research, UK & The Netherlands; CRC Labs, Nottingham, UK
Design: Compare mouse residues with those of NEW and REI and the known structures inspected on the graphics. Thus, chose SGI consensus rather than NEW (SGII) for the VH.
Frameworks: VH SGI consensus (Kabat Ed IV, 1987) VL REI (from Campath-1H)
CDRs: All 6 from VH and VL, Kabat Definition.
Backmutations: None.
Binding: Competition assays revealed that humanised mAb has an affinity "which is similar if not identical" to mouse mAb.
Expression: mouse NS0 myeloma cells
Comment: Fine specificity measured by peptides bound at the C-terminus to polyethylene pin supports.
Tried humanisation with NEW FRs with results not shown.
Clinical Indication: mAb reacts with neoplasms of epithelial origin, particularly carcinomas of breast, ovary, cervix, bronchus and gastrointestinal tract.

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