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Welcome to the Toxin Group Web pages

We specialise in solving 3-dimensional protein structures of pathogenic toxins, derived (mainly) from bacterial sources.

We are currently involved in a project to solve the 3D structures of the major toxins from C.perfringens, a major human pathogen, responsible for Gas gangrene and food poisoning (amongst other things) in collaboration with Prof Rick Titball and his group at DSTL.

In addition to Clostridial Toxins, (such as Alpha toxin, the main causative agent in Gas-gangrene, Epsilon Toxin, a veterinary pathogenic agent, and Clostridial Enterotoxin, which causes food poisoning) we are also studying a novel class of Bacterial Superantigens (which may cause Toxin-Shock syndrome).

Current projects include structural studies of Alpha-Toxin Inhibitor-complexes, Epsilon-Toxin, Staphylococcal Superantigens and Clostridial Enterotoxin (C.P.E).

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