Current Projects
C.Perfringens Alpha Toxin

Structural Studies of C.perfringens Alpha-toxin and potential inhibitors
Cell Signalling Pathways Likely to be effected by alpha-toxin

C.Perfringens Epsilon Toxin

Structural studies of Epsilon Toxin from C.perfringens

C.absonum Alpha Toxin Toxin

Structure of Clostridium absonum Phospholipase C at 2.5angstrom resolution

Mandelate Dehydrogenase

C.Perfringens Enterotoxin (C.P.E.)

Structural Studies of the C.Perfringens Enterotoxin

Staphylococcal Superantigens(?) SET1 & SET5

Structual Studies of two novel superantigen-like proteins, SET1 & SET5

Up-to-date as of 4/12/2002